Where Did We Go Wrong ?

That is one of the biggest questions we ask ourselves  when we are faced with this problem.

"Make Up Don't Break up" covers  how you as a couple get to the root of the problem and for go the he said she said  arguments .  You can’t fix something until you know how or why it is broken. She shows you that the cause of relationship failures is not satisfying what she calls the Universal Human need, the force that pulls relationships together in the first place and without it, relationships fall apart.

The key foundation to any relationship is honesty.

She reveals the Relationship Essential Nutrients that are essential for the proper care and feeding of any relationship. Basically without these key fundamentals , a relationship is just moments away from ultimate destruction. So she helps you as a couple build and nurture these fundamentals  to strengthen  the relationship. Showing you what these nutrients are and how they are different for men and women.

You both need to understand  what makes human relationships work before you can understand why it did not work in the first place. Knowing  how the human relationship works is the first step in repairing  the relationship. Having knowledge of this, you will begin to understand what you need to do to put this relationship back together.

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