The Make Up

"Make Up Don't Break Up" takes you step by step through the final makeup phase. She will show you how  to approach your ex and ask for the first meeting. Don’t worry about not knowing what to say because she will provide you with a list of conversational ice-breakers to start you off on the right track. A very helpful list .

How to handle being rebuffed and working around the objection is also covered. How to handle cold feet on the part of your ex. Where and when to meet, what to wear and how long to have the meeting. How to act and what to say and do during the first meeting to start stirring up and rekindle feelings in your ex.

She goes into detail on what not to say and how to avoid the most common fight traps and keep things positively focused on your intention. How to NOT repeat prior negative relationship patterns that will derail the entire process. How to demonstrate your new found confidence and attractive power without going overboard. How to follow up and ask for another date and keep things moving forward.

And MUCH more! Her book contains numerous exercises , examples, dialogues and instructions that take you step by step through the make up process and beyond.

If you are serious about getting your ex back then “MAKE UP DON”T BREAK UP” is the book for you!

PLUS You get 8 Bonus books that come with it :

Bonus # 1-  Your Personality Profile

Bonus # 3-  Create-A-Mate

Bonus # 6-  Are We Compatible?

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